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Shitty Times Litterally

Ok so I'll only tell you one story for now.... Last Month I went to LA for the AMP, and I had a paid shoot out there, it was mostly farts. So after farting on Layla's face so many times, I accidentally shit on her. Don't worry it was at the end of the clip, and it landed in her eye but worry not she didn't get a pink eye. She claims it was the potion she put together for her eye to not get a pink eye, but realistically it was cuz my shit is organic. Lol... thanks Layla for taking my shit in the eye. It was fun times I tell ya.... well that's the only story I have to tell for now, and don't worry... there's a lot of stories out there... if you also want to hear more. Tune into our radio on for live stories every Saturday from 4-6 pm eastern or 1-3 pacific time. See you later. lol.... don't be shitty like me. But sometimes it can be a little fun. Read more

AVN 2017 Experience

So as you all know, during the AVN in 2017, I flew out to Vegas for the convention. It was going great until I landed and needed to check in. I was hoping to check in a few hours early since my flight landed so early. Well I spoke to some chick saying it wasn't going to be ready until around 6 which check in was at 3 or 4 pm. I asked her if I could just drop my luggage off. Since three other models were staying with us too. They allowed it and as I got there, I swear it didn't hit me yet. they were steam cleaning the carpet?! and drying the sofa. but anyways I didn't think anything of it. The pool was a not allowed because of the leak. Whatever that meant, I mean the pool had water in it, just wasn't clean, even though that chick told me it was cleaned... yeah green water is clean, must be the new clean shit.

So anyways, I didn't care, I just wanted to settle down since I had a trade that night. So Noel and I went to this trade with Scarlet Raven and some other girls, I have the worst memory with names. But anyways, we did three videos, the one video I wanted to do was get in the tub and play bubble bath, they did it without me, cuz I was on time frame due to the stupid parking lot was full and visitors aren't allowed... some BS right?! So overall we did 2 videos. Was there for 3 hours. Spanking and sucking dildos. To be honest the spanking should have been last due to red marks, but that was first and I had to be gentle not to leave any marks. :(…

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In the Business with My Cousin

So everyone knows my great family is awesome right? WELL! My family only comes around when it comes to money or something being paid off. And when they normally need money for insurance or car payment, it's always the night before the due date. "Hey Mina, I need car insurance money. It's $400 due tomorrow, I'll come over and pick it up" In my mind, I'm thinking what the fuck, thanks for giving me a few weeks a head of notice to save enough money for the payment right? But that just shows you how awesome my family is. Just like the moment they kicked me out of the house I was making payments on. My father telling me don't worry about it then changing his mind about things, then telling me one thing to the other about what my mom wants to tell me. But in the end when I spoke to my mom, she was a bitch, nothing my father told me was true. It turned sour. So I almost moved out of the state. But I ended up settling down in a rental house in Buford, GA. Now my family is great at coming to the Mighty Mina for money, guess who else comes to Mina and asks for money. That's right the great Lilah. The one that is always hungry, and money hungry.

Ok so this chick quits two years ago after my family finding out I do porn. Christmas of 2014 was the year everything went south. And It went south very fast. My grandmother who was living with me would snitch to my parents telling them who was over. And of course my father would ask about it. And I yelled back at my dad "Am I not allowed to have friends?" His response…

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Bad Times In The Adult Industry

So I haven't really been keeping up, but I thought I should let everyone know about the good times and the bad times. Well guess what, This blog for the day is the bad times. Ready for the horrible experience?

So, let's refresh a few memories. My first time going to AVN in 2012, I was with Bunny in a hot tub, she has been having bowel problems lately and she had to do a scene in a few minutes. She's a squirter so she asked me if she couldn't squirt on me to test to see if she shits. I'm like "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" She tried talking me into allowing her to test it on me. Yeah, we weren't that close of friends so no I got out. After that I got sick. As in my fever was super high and I felt like dying for a month after I got back. Great times being sick. 

Anyways, continuing on with some of the bad times. These are more of disgusting and funny times. But anyways, I had a custom video I had to do with Veronica, she had to fart in my face where I'm mesmerized by her farts. Well as she goes and bends over to show her ass crack, there was shit in her crack. Of course the video is going/recording. I turned my head to face the camera man and made a "HELP ME!" Face. But of course he just pointed and laughed his ass off at me for having to do that. Well I didn't know what to say or do. I didn't know if I should have told her, if she was going to be embarrassed or anything. Plus I wasn't as close to her, I mean we were like co workers…

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